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XIII Exchange of entrepreneurial ideas

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The University of Donja Gorica will implement the 13th “Exchange of Entrepreneurial Ideas” this year.
This project has been a combination of strength, youth, quality ideas and solutions for everyday problems for 12 years.
On the supply side, your business ideas can be found for which companies and institutions can bid as demand representatives.
Depending on the quality of the idea, which represents the synergy of your courage and creativity, the best 11 ideas will have the opportunity to present themselves to the “demand” side – on May 9, 2023. Traditionally, presentations are followed by quotations.

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In addition to the best 11 ideas, other submitted ideas will be presented in the thirteenth edition of the “Book of Ideas”.
It is possible to apply for the XIII Exchange of Entrepreneurial Ideas with market-oriented projects, products and initiatives.

Report an idea
On this occasion, we would like to inform you that the competition for submitting ideas for the XIII Exchange of Entrepreneurial Ideas, which will be held on May 9, 2023, at UDG, is open. The competition is open to all high school students and students from Montenegro and the whole world! You can apply for the competition until April 24, 2023 by filling out the application form below. The ideas will be presented in the thirteenth edition of the book "Book of Ideas".
What is important to point out is the fact that representatives of the "demand" will have the opportunity to invest in all the ideas that are found in this edition of the book, but were not presented.

Student Business Center (SBC) is a non-governmental association founded in 2008. year by the students of UDG, with the support of assistants and professors and Rector. The purpose of the Organization's existence is the promotion of student entrepreneurship and innovation, which is achieved through communication with business and academia environment and thus facilitates the employment of students during their studies. SBC has quality cooperation with a large number of companies both from Montenegro Above and abroad.

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